We build your high-performing engineering teams

So that you deliver greater value to customers.

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About you

You want your engineering team to  

You are a start-up or scale-up who needs high-performing engineering teams to deliver great software fast.

For start-ups

You have a solid mission, deep knowledge of your domain, and an unfair advantage over the competition. Now you want to build software in-house that catapults you to success.

Bootstrap product development

We assemble, lead, and partake in a balanced, cross-functional team with a focus on creating value step by step.

Build engineering culture

We manage your engineering team. We embed a nurturing culture that will allow you to deliver today, and tomorrow.

Inject technology thinking

We work with your leadership team to ensure software serves your revenue model, and serves as an enabler.

For scale-ups

You achieved market-fit, an effective revenue model, and a successful product. You have scaling issues on your hands, and it feels like you're assembling a plane whilst flying.

Tackle scale & complexity

We help you overcome scaling issues without impeding growth or opportunity.

Strengthen engineering competence

We refine processes, celebrate your culture, and increase collaboration across teams.

Define engineering strategy

We align team missions and forge an architectural vision to accelerate your teams.

About us

We are enablers, executors, and leaders

With three decades of experience spanning diverse industries, we specialize in building and leading high-performing engineering teams and successfully delivering complex software projects.

Benjamin GrohbielLinkedIn profile of {name}
Senior Engineering Manager at Snyk
Jacek RzeniewiczLinkedIn profile of {name}
Staff Software Engineer at Snyk
Jose Carlos Valero SanchezLinkedIn profile of {name}
Staff Architect at Snyk
Agile Development
Hands-on development
Business Focus
High-performing teams
Web Security
People management
Data engineering

Our growth, as a team

In the last 5 years we have worked as a team at different global companies.


We joined different teams to cross-pollinate the organisation with XP practices, and increase the speed and quality of software delivery. We later join forces to turn a struggling team into one of the best performing teams in the organisation within 6 months.


We join as executors in the role of Lead Software Engineers and form an entirely new team to prototype the API platform for Arrival’s EVs.


We join as three founding engineers, and take on CTO and CPO positions of a 50 people company as we manage to help double revenue YoY.


We join Pivotal to transform digital products and projects for the better, and to learn how modern software practices work.


Get in touch if you are looking to get a high-performing engineering team to deliver great software fast.

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